There are plenty of fun things to do with your friends at home. It doesn't have to be a big, expensive shindig. Do it your way and it can still be cool! Integrate your personality and your friends into the party. Ask them ahead of time if they have any suggestions on what they want to do: play card games, watch a few movies, create a scavenger hunt. You could even have a slumber party or sleepover - click here for ideas on what to do.

Fun Things to Do with Friends at Home

Stuck at home? Invite a friend over and you can use this as a bucket list to get creative and check off as many things as possible! There are plenty of alternative ideas to choose from. This list is geared toward adults but you can modify many ideas for a kid's party or gathering.

You can take as many or as few of these awesome ideas as you want. Many of these are free but some require little planning, driving, or purchasing. For example, in order to watch Netflix, someone has to have a Netflix account, you get the idea.

Fun Things to Do at Home with Friends Carmen Varner San Diego Food Travel Lifestyle Blogger
Try kombucha, read a book, and hang out in the backyard.

  1. Play records, cassettes, CDs, whatever you've got. 
  2. Have a karaoke night.
  3. Snap photos. Download a cool photo app like Huji so it feels like you're taking real photos. Take turns taking photos of each other!
  4. Paint. Let the art flow through you. Use watercolors, fingerpaints, whatever you have available. Or you can take a friend group trip to your local Michaels or the craft store to pick up supplies. Paint and let your imagination soar. Use can use recycled paper or cardboard to paint on.
  5. Finger paint. It's tons of fun!
  6. Draw self-portraits of yourselves.
  7. Draw each other.
  8. Draw each other with your eyes closed!
  9. Craft something. Knit, crochet, collage, scrapbook, etc.
  10. Do a virtual art tour or museum tour. Visit the Louvre online tour or Boston Children's Museum via online tour.
  11. Conduct a science experiment. 
  12. Fill in a coloring book. You can use colored pencils, markers, or Crayons.
  13. Create a Spotify or YouTube playlist of songs. That way you can learn a little bit about each other's music taste.
  14. Create a vision board and let your creative juices flow.
  15. Film a TikTok video or TikTok dance.
  16. Solve an online escape room.
  17. Do a taste test challenge to guess the food or brand. For example you could test out different kinds of orange soda, different kinds of cheese, etc.
  18. Bake and decorate cookies. There are so many awesome designs to create from Frankenstein to Pacman to a truck to a book.
  19. Make pizza. You can buy pizza dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings and bake your own creations at home. My sister and I used to do this with our friends at home. It was so fun!
  20. Grab takeout food from a local restaurant and eat dinner in the backyard.
  21. BBQ night. Barbeque some veggies and meats.
  22. Host a dessert night. Each person brings a different dessert.
  23. Dinner night. Each person brings a dish they eat a lot at home.
  24. Dip night. Each person brings a different homemade dip (queso dip, spinach and artichoke dip, hummus, etc).
  25. Drink night. Each person brings a different cocktail or mocktail or fun drink.
  26. Host a beer or wine tasting, each person brings a different type of beer/wine.
  27. Try kombucha, sparkling waters, or some beverage of choice.
  28. Try a new recipe using ingredients you have at home. Google one or use a recipe book.
  29. Make ice cream sundaes.
  30. Make ice cream in a bag.
  31. Try different foods or snacks from around the world.
  32. Favorite movie night. You can view one of each of your favorite movies.
  33. Award-winning movie night. Whether it's an Academy Award, Golden Globe Awards, Visual Effects Society Awards, pick an award you want to focus on & watch a few movies that won.
  34. Nostalgia kids movie night. Watch movies that you saw as kids. It'll bring back quality memories! You could spend hours watching your faves.
  35. Watch scary movies.
  36. Watch a movie series (Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Twilight, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek you get the drift).
  37. Watch a short-ish TV series (Twin Peaks, Schitts Creek, Pushing Daisies, Lie to Me, etc.)
  38. Watch a sporting event on TV. Depends on the season or if you can catch something on TV, perhaps something live streaming on Hulu, etc.
  39. Join a Livestream.
  40. Host a sleepover. Have your best friends spend the night. You can watch movies, play board games or games like Heads Up on your phone.
  41. Pool party. If you have a pool, use it. It'll be refreshing in the summer and for hot days too.
  42. Bored of watching TV? Tell scary stories. Take turns telling your scariest story. Bonus points if it's real!!!
  43. Have a dance party.
  44. Have a costume party.
  45. Hosta tea party.
  46. Spa day. Take care of your skin, do face masks, you could even make body scrub at home.
  47. Read a book together. Take turns reading paragraphs/pages.
  48. Start a book club.
  49. Talk about your goals.
  50. Go around and discuss the stories of how you first met.
  51. Challenge each other with video games.
  52. Listen to an audiobook.
  53. Listen to a podcast series.
  54. Rearrange the furniture so it feels like a totally new vibe.
  55. Call or FaceTime a long-distance friend who couldn't be there.
  56. Hungry? Call in an order for food delivery.
  57. Host a clothing swap where each person brings some clothes, shoes, accessories that they don't want anymore.
  58. Make slime.
  59. Make a scavenger hunt.
  60. Make friendship bracelets.
  61. Make a flower arrangement.
  62. Write letters to each other.
  63. Write letters to your future selves.
  64. Write a short story by each writing one sentence. Write one sentence, then the next friend writes a sentence, and then you keep going back and forth between however many friends are over.
  65. Practice writing with your non-dominate hands.
  66. See if you can decipher each other's notes created with the non-dominant hand.
  67. Tie-dye t-shirts (or socks, shorts, sheets, the sky is the limit).
  68. Stretch out to a yoga video on YouTube.
  69. Meditate. You can do a guided meditation on YouTube or download an app for it.
  70. Practice mindfulness.
  71. Listen to ASMR videos on YouTube.
  72. Build a fort.
  73. Do a puzzle. Puzzles are a perfect way to liven the mood with little effort.
  74. Do a crossword puzzle.
  75. Do an online workout video.
  76. Band night. Jam together and play music with whatever instruments you have, tambourine, keyboard, bongo.
  77. Play truth or dare.
  78. Play Simon Says.
  79. Try playing 20 questions.
  80. Try playing Rock Paper Scissors.
  81. Do a round hangman.
  82. Play tic tac toe.
  83. Play Monopoly.
  84. Have fun with the game of Life.
  85. Play a card game. Poker, rummy, go fish, war, etc.
  86. Play Telephone.
  87. Try a game of charades.
  88. Play I Spy.
  89. Play Cards Against Humanity.
  90. Play a board game.
  91. Invent your own board game or game.
  92. Play an indoor mini version of basketball, badminton, tennis, soccer, football, handball, baseball.
  93. Play a murder mystery game. You could find an app or buy something online beforehand.
  94. Do the 5 Senses game where you each say what you can See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Touch. It's pretty fun, almost meditating in a way and great way to calm down or slow down after a long day.
  95. Learn some cool magic tricks.
  96. Challenge yourselves and learn a language (you could use Duolingo or a free app).
  97. Plan a future trip.
  98. Book a future trip.
  99. Set up a tent and do indoor camping. 
  100. Do outdoor camping. Camp in the backyard or garden.
  101. Do a water balloon fight outside or in the yard.
  102. Pot some plants or flowers. Each person can take home a small potted plant or succulent.
  103. Hang out in the backyard and set up a self-hanging hammock stand to relax.
  104. Catch up and just hang out. Enjoy the night!
  105. Enjoy the sunset.
  106. Enjoy the sunrise.
  107. Watch the clouds.
  108. Stargaze.

Fun Things to Do at Home with Friends
Make a flower arrangement.

Fun Things to Do at Home with Friends
Enjoy the sunset.

You and your friends will have an absolute blast in the night to remember. The great news is there are fun things to do with friends at home in the morning, the afternoon, or at night, it doesn't always have to be a sleepover or evening activity. You can have fun in the morning experience as well all while making it a budget-friendly or even free process. 

What can you do with your friends at home? 

You and your friends can have a great time at home. Want to make it a fun night? Dig deep within yourself and identify what you actually like to do. There are a lot of fun things to do with friends at home for kids, teens, and adults alike. Teenagers might appreciate movie night, sleepovers, makeovers, a home spa day, a pool day, cooking or baking something fun like rainbow cake, video games, making TikTok videos, home indoor picnic.

What do 13-year-olds do at home with friends? 

Look through these exciting activities with your friends. That way you can determine what works best for your family. In some cases, you might have to get something if you don't already own it (games like Life or Monopoly, access to movies, DVDs or streaming services, etc.) Ask your parents or see if your friends have them at their house to bring them over; it could be a potluck but for parties and everyone brings something different. There's anything that you're not sure about or if they're some supplies you want to pick up, ask your parents.

What do you do with your best friend? 

If you are bored at home there are plenty of ideas to have a cool night.  Invite your best friend over and do as many things on this list as you can. You can do fun things with friends without spending a lot of money. From having a picnic in the garden to cooking your favorite comfort food to blasting music on your iPhone, you can create an amazing experience without having to spend a load of money.

What can a teenage girl do when bored at home?

There is a lot for girls to do at home. You can read a book or listen to podcasts. There are so many podcasts about unique subjects you might be interested in and maybe even about your favorite shows or movies to learn more about behind-the-scenes. You can write. Get your brain moving and grooving and do a crossword puzzle. No matter what you decide to do, you and your friends will make memories and have a great time.