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Taking some "me time" or time for self-care is extremely vital to one's entire well-being. Although I already knew this, I came to the realization that it was time to follow my own advice. As I worked on enhancing my blog, growing my social media channels, & starting up my coaching business, I found that I was working around the clock.

I answered emails at 11 p.m. I got the distinctive ping of a Facebook message at 2 a.m. I worked on a sponsored post in the morning & then prepared for my coaching session in the afternoon, only to have dinner plans with a friend in the evening. I kept buzzing around until a couple days ago when I felt completely burned out.

I physically & mentally couldn't do anything even though I had an endless task list. I decided to take a day off to boost my morale. Keep reading to find out my tips on how to avoid blogger burnout! Hint: it includes Netflix & green tea.

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1. Sleep In

After so many mornings of getting up at 6:45 a.m. I allowed myself to get a little extra sleep. Don't start off a new day tired & unprepared. Those extra moments of shut eye helped me feel rested & ready to crush the day! After constant hustling & bustling, it doesn't hurt to get a few extra winks.

2. Exercise

I was so busy that I completely forgot to take care of myself. To eliminate blogger burnout, I started to regularly integrate exercise into my life, even if only for 20 minutes. I know myself & understand that I'm pretty aimless at the gym, so I usually opt for workout videos on YouTube. They get me moving, sweating, & elevate my heart rate. I always feel better after a workout!

3. Set Business Hours

Three unread emails loomed in my inbox. Five Facebook messages sat unread. My social media notifications grew out of control. A friend texted me to ask a couple of social media questions. I couldn't take it anymore. The around-the-clock work didn't look good on me. I decided to set some business hours for myself. No more constant work. No more blogger burnout.

4. Unwind

I put my phone on airplane mode & made myself a cup of tea — two, actually. Sometimes there's nothing more uplifting than a warm mug of tea, & that's a fact. I went to Alberstons to stock up on some Lipton Green Tea & Lipton Green Tea Purple Acai Blueberry. I like to add a bit of "vitali-tea" to my every day. I'm sipping on some right now. Lipton's green teas allow me to stop, reset, & enjoy a moment to myself when things get hectic. I love the ritual of sip, sip, sipping as I wind down.

5. Treat Yo' Self

Now's the time to catch up on the latest episode of my favorite show. Let's be real, I know I'll just watch Friends on Netflix for the billionth time. I took some time to plan my next vacation — Paris. I drank my Lipton Green Tea Purple Acai Blueberry, listened to music, & helped my boyfriend, Fred, come up with his top 25 must-see Paris attractions. I finally had a chance to paint my nails a nice pastel blue for spring. I finally read my 3-month-old magazine because that's how behind I am! T'was a great day.

Blogger burnout is a real thing & should be treated with self-love & care. The smooth great taste & refreshing aroma of green tea inspires me to take a moment to feel good! Don't forget to stock up at your local Albertsons with $1 off Lipton Green Tea & let me know how it helps you #FillUpToFeelGood

What flavor would you like to try? How do you beat blogger burnout? :]

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