Three years ago I put in my two weeks' notice at my full-time office job & started walking a strange, unknown path through remote work. I navigated through finding clients & establishing myself as a blogging coach. I did over 75 coaching sessions with a range of awesome women. It has been a whirlwind of 3 years because each year was completely different. 

Half of the year was pre-Coronavirus, but ultimately, COVID-19 caused a bit of chaos. Due to budget cuts, layoffs, and everything that ensued, I lost a couple of clients. But I came out stronger than ever. You can read all about that in my blog post Life in Quarantine as a San Diego Blogger + Social Media Manager

3 Years as a Remote Worker: Blogging Coach, Social Media Manager, & Travel Writer

Blogging + Influencer Events

I made a conscious effort to attend more influencer events. I'm pretty introverted so it isn't inherently easy for me to get out there & chat amongst people. It's something I've never been good at, including when I was in middle school & my mom told me to ask the server for more bread. It took a couple minutes before I could work up the courage to go up to the counter & ask. So it's a consistent struggle, not something new, but something I work at daily. For additional blogging tips and tricks, read how to set effective goals so you get things done.

I attended a grand opening party for Cardellino restaurant in San Diego. Take a look at my experience at Cardellino on my travel Instagram. The eatery is big & open but feels cozy once filled with people eager to eat (this event was in February 2020 prior to COVID hitting the area).⁣ ⁣For dinner, choose the Fusilli Piccanti Alla Vodka with parmigiano, basil, Calabrian chiles, extra virgin olive oil if you're in the mood for pasta.⁣ 

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If you're in a pizza mood, the Bianca e Verde is out-of-this-world incredible. Panna, mozzarella, roasted garlic, ricotta, broccoli, spinach, parmigiano. ⁣For dessert, try the Earl Grey Budino with orange blossom caramel, honey chantilly, biscotti. You know I love Earl Grey tea (although I'm sipping on chai tea as a write this)! The pistachio Mr. Trustee's Soft Serve ice cream is absolutely incredible & really reminded me of the pistachio gelato I ate in Milan, Italy.⁣ ⁣ What would you order?

In February 2020, I also went to 101 Home and Away influencer event in Encinitas. I shared the post on my Instagram account as well. 101 Home and Away has beautiful murals, tasty food & drinks, as well as an open dining atmosphere. Dig the captivating colours & botanical elements of the mural by Jonny Alexander. I love that art isn’t just for museums anymore. You can experience art as you nosh on tater tots. 😇

If you're searching for blogging tips and tricks, read how to find blogging inspiration + blog ideas.

Freelance Writing & Remote Work

Year 3 as a remote worker brought in new work. I dabbled with freelance writing for the first time in a couple of years. I write occasionally for clients & regularly for my own blog, but it was a refreshing challenge to write 2,000+ word articles on education. I had a project for a few weeks with a consulting company for Ivy College admissions. I knocked out several articles within that period with each one requiring a minimum of 2,000 words. 

I wrote articles for LOCALE Magazine, a lifestyle magazine with markets in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. I wrote an online article as well as a couple articles for their print/web magazine. Read my article in LOCALE Magazine about Top Spots in San Diego You Need to Visit on Super Bowl Sunday.

I was a content producer for TripSavvy for a full year. They had me on the team producing posts, essentially I would review already created posts & ensure they maintained the updated brand standard. So I did a lot of replacing images, finding photos on Getty Images, checking the post for grammar, capitalization discrepancies, etc. I spent a lot of time editing travel content so you could say that fueled my desire to continue traveling. It was already part of my workday!

Warsaw Poland 3 Years as a Remote Worker: Blogging Coach, Social Media Manager, & Travel Writer

Travel Influencer

I did a WB Studio Tour Hollywood in Burbank, California to see some behind the scenes from television favorites like Friends & Gilmore Girls. I did some other California travels in Julian. I experienced Milan, ItalyPorto, PortugalParis, FranceWarsaw, PolandSitges, Spain. What an experience. I always look for the best flight deals, so my travels usually revolve around where I can find a good bargain. I went to Mexico a couple of times, spending the most time in Queretaro. Then COVID lockdown started & traveling was off-limits, so I don't have many travels to report. At least it allowed me more time to create content & awareness for some of the destinations I visited!

"What is a press trip/familiarization tour?" you ask. I explain it in this Instagram post & a bit in this blog post.

What is a Blog Coach & Consultant? What is a Blogging Coach?

I answer this in-depth in my blog post if you want to read it, How I Help People as a Blog Coach & Consultant. Short answer: I offer blogging tips and tricks. Blog coaching is often on a per session or per month coaching package rate, depending on the client. Some clients want a deep-dive over the course of one to three months with regular coaching sessions each week & daily email access, whereas some clients just want to consult with me for an hour-long session to go over questions, goals, next steps. To each her own. Clients tend to work with me long-term, often hiring me over & over for various projects or consulting. But just like a comfortable pair of shoes, sometimes, it's not a good fit & that's totally okay! No pressure - for both of us.

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Press + Media

I was featured in the media a few times this year which is pretty cool. You can find me in TLC (35 Real Love Stories That Will Warm Your Heart); Parade Magazine (Underrated Towns to Visit in Italy); & U.S. Chamber of Commerce blog!

Read my updates from Year 1 & Year 2!