I'm only 4 hours into my 24-hour+ airport adventure at London Gatwick. I'm sipping on my Costa Coffee. People order food, eat, then head off to their flight. Must be nice. I'll be chilling here for a couple dozen hours.

I'm writing a blog post for a sponsored ad campaign, but little do I know the Wi-Fi expires after 90 minutes. After those brief 90 minutes of glorious but slow freeeee Wi-Fi, I'm forced to sign up for a Boingo account to pay for Wi-Fi to get my work done by deadline. 

Ah, the joys of the laptop lifestyle. 

Here's the kicker, I forgot to cancel my account & paid for another month. Oops. 

I will eventually spend the night tossing & turning on a lumpy loveseat with my lovebug Fred, as terrible Christmas covers blast overhead. We're running off a high from 9 exciting days of exploring London. We found a prime spot at the upstairs Caffè Nero, one of the only spots I saw that had couches without armrests (better if you want to fully lie down).

The hustle & bustle of the airport lulls for a bit from 11 PM - 4 AM, I would know, I was up. The flights slow down & people start to congregate by couches & seats. A couple of guys speaking Arabic play cards on my left. A few ladies from New Zealand laugh over a cup of 2 AM coffee. I watch something available on British Netflix.

I inhale the beautiful range of people & languages. I love travel. Even though I have a sexy batch of pimples festering from my 36 minutes of sleep on the arm of the couch, I am grateful for this experience, to travel, & most importantly, to be alive. 

We toss & turn our way through the night until our flight the next morning. We grab breakfast at Pret-A-Manger, a staple during our trip. We love their affordable pricing & vegetarian options. Then board our flight on Norwegian Airlines to head back to San Diego. Back home to the real world, back to the sobering reality.

But yeah, that was the time I spent the night at London Gatwick Airport. If you get the chance, stay in one of the Gatwick Airport Sleeping Pods They're located in the South Terminal. The pods are part of YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport.

It took two weeks to recover from the lack of sleep at the airport & then lack of sleep on the flight home. Not a good time, but the travel memories are worth it (kind of). 

Have you ever spent the night at an airport? I'd love to hear your story. Leave a comment! :]