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Bunkers del Carmel Turo de la Rovira Barcelona: Things to Do + The History

What if I told you there's a magical 360° view of Barcelona that's completely free?

Free dollars. Free euros. Free o'clock.

Free things to do in Barcelona? Count me in!

Hike Bunkers of Carmel on Turo de la Rovira for a panoramic view of Barcelona.

Imagine a panoramic look at Barcelona from 262 meters/859 feet above sea level. Picture yourself looking out at the Mediterranean Sea, La Sagrada Familia, & the entire city of Barcelona from up high. Find this unforgettable location at Bunkers del Carmel on the hill known as Turo de la Rovira, the site for the defense of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

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The History of Turó de la Rovira

Turó de la Rovira is a Museu d'Historia de Barcelona (MUHBA) heritage space, which officially opened in 2011 after undergoing restoration. It once contained the anti-aircraft battery used to defend Barcelona from air attacks. Pretty historic, eh?

The View of Barcelona, Spain from Bunkers Del Carmel

Perhaps you're a sucker for savoring spectacular sights. Me too, my friend, me too. If you want to take a selfie, get the best Instagram shot, or snap a memorable photo, this is the spot to check out. The view of the city is incomparable from the top of Bunkers del Carmel. On one side you can see the Mediterranean Sea, La Sagrada Familia, & all the Barcelona hot spots. On the other side, stare out at the Barcelona homes.

Things To to Do at Bunkers Del Carmel on Turo de la Rovira

Remember that it's free of charge to explore. Who doesn't love free things to do in Barcelona, Spain? Everything adds up: the museums, the cathedrals, the parks. Why not add something free to the list? So you made it up Turo de la Rovira, now what?

Have a picnic on top of the world.

Take snacks & drink so you can have yourself a merry little picnic. It goes without saying to pick up after yourself & dispose of any trash.

Have you visited Bunkers del Carmel? Have a question? Want to share your experience? Leave a comment below!

Where to Stay in Barcelona

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  1. I have been to Barcelona several times, but never there. Next time!

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. In love with the photos, hope you had great time xoxo

  3. Beautiful pics. And this view is so nostalgic. Reminded of our trip last year.

  4. What a beautiful view of Barcelona! I had never heard about this place as it's not so well-known, so thank you for sharing. When I went there I had the best views from Montjuic at the south west of the city :)

    Julia x
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  5. Montjuic is incredible!! I'm a sucker for view up high of a city. It's genuinely one of my favourite things in life!! :]

  6. I love Barcelona! There is so much more I wish I could've done! What were some of your favourites?

  7. Thanks so much Ivana! I wish I could've been there longer!!

  8. It's absolutely incredible! but quite a walk!


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