Buy blog & Instagram photo props & flat lay styling pieces from Amazon! It's convenient, affordable, & you never have to leave your house! Shop for Instagram photo prop in your three-day-old hair, giant sweatshirt, & no pants. Ahhh, that's the dream. Want to be a digital influencer, Elevate your flat lay photography with these Instagram-worthy Amazon props that are my top recommendations! Let's go shopping. Jazz up your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blog images with some simple items that you can use over and over again.

*Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links.

Faux Sheepskin Rug

Blog & Instagram Photo Prop from Amazon to Elevate Your Flat Lay Photography

This elevates every blog post & photo. A faux sheepskin rug is always a good idea. It also helps to frame the shot and get a feel of the set up. It's chic, simple, & acts as a palette cleanser. Sometimes I put it out when guests come over because I'm cool like that. It helps that it's incredibly soft. Choose from multiple sizes to fit your blogging/room/dimensional needs. If you're wondering how to be a blogger & digital influencer, this prop is a good place to start. 

Social Media Photo Frame

You can buy Insta-Themed social media party photobooth frame with emojis & personalized speech bubble props. You can buy it on Amazon or try to make one that is similar. You can reuse this for birthday celebrations, wedding, graduation, holidays, events etc. The price isn't too bad and it's a great decoration. Ideal to promote your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to add a little fun kick.

Get A Custom Sign Made

You can even don't fancy and get the custom sign me on Etsy as a custom order. You can have a sign made for birthdays, weddings, events, baby shower, etc. This is perfect for realtors, teachers, doctors, therapists, and other roles. It's a unique idea and perfect for marketing yourself, the event, or your job. You can add your name, website, whatever you want. It adds to the ambiance and decorations.

Faux Marble Contact Paper

Blog & Instagram Photo Prop from Amazon to Elevate Your Flat Lay Photography

Faux marble contact paper is the best!!! This beautiful wine, marble, & succulent set up is A LIE!!! I taped this white & grey glossy faux marble contact paper onto a poster board & it works wonders. Spill something on it? Simply wipe it away with a sponge. Gets too dingy? Replace the used contact paper. I've had the same sheet for over a year & haven't needed to swap it out. The roll is worth it! This is one of my favorite flat lay photography props as a digital influencer.

Gel Pens

Blog & Instagram Photo Prop from Amazon to Elevate Your Flat Lay Photography

Flashback to the 90s, right? Okay, hear me out here. This gel pen pack comes with 48 pens to suit any rainbow your heart desires. Pick & choose colors to go with your theme or Instagram feed. Style the pens with stationery for any blog-related photography. Personally, I write with gel pens too since the colors keep me organized. You can even get specific with it. There are pastel gel pen packs and other cool color sets. Order whichever you like best.

Wall Tapestry

Blog & Instagram Photo Prop from Amazon to Elevate Your Flat Lay Photography

These plant wall tapestries are enormous & beautiful. I pinned mine up & I use them all the time. Stand in front of them for a selfie. Hold your coffee up for a cool background. The options are as limitless as your imagination. Plus, I get compliments on them all the time. Get a mountain tapestry or maybe something botanical.

Which Instagram photo prop would you use? What are your goals as a digital influencer? Tell me. Leave a comment. :]