Are you curious about things to do/what to do in Lompoc? Wondering where is Lompoc, CA? A few people asked me about this! Or perhaps you're trying to find cheap hotels in the Lompoc area? Scroll through this guide to answer your biggest questions, & probably answer some questions you never had at all.

About Carmen

Hi, I'm Carmen. I'm a travel influencer & blogging coach who shares my experiences with my readers & anyone browsing for trip ideas (hey, that's you!). I visited the city of Lompoc, California on a press trip with a handful of journalists, magazine editors, & writers to experience a piece of what Explore Lompoc has to offer. "What is a press trip/familiarization tour?" you ask. I explain it in this post.

Things to Do in Lompoc, CA California Downtown street art and murals
Mural in Downtown Lompoc

How Do You Pronounce Lompoc?

Make sure you pronounce Lompoc properly or you might get corrected by a long-time resident. Say it with me now: LOM-poke. "Poke" as in "Did you just poke me?" Lom-poke. Lom-poke. Lom-poke. Say it 10 times without looking at the word & it helps.

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Things to Do in Lompoc, CA California
Woodfired pizza from Valle Eatery + Bar

Where is Lompoc, CA?

Several people sent me messages & comments asking where is Lompoc, California? I pondered that too until I drove my butt there. The city of Lompoc is located in Santa Barbara County. It's 60 miles south of San Luis Obispo, 55 miles north of Santa Barbara, & 155 miles north of Los Angeles. Lompoc is fresh & fun but not ridiculously out of the way. There are local events in town as well.

Where to Stay in Lompoc, CA?

I stayed at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Lompoc - Central Coast, which has a marvelous breakfast. I nibbled on the made-to-order omelette with fresh vegetables in the morning before heading out for all the things to do in Lompoc, CA. Some of the other journalists on the press trip stayed at Hilton Garden Inn. Don't fret, there are several options for cheap hotels in Lompoc, California. Don't like hotels? Sign up for Airbnb with my link & get $40 off your booking. There are plenty of places to stay in town.

Here's a map:

What to Do in Lompoc? There are a plethora of things to do in Lompoc, California, especially if you're traveling as a couple, with friends, family, children, or solo. 

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Things to do in Lompoc Do a Walking Mural Tour in Downtown Lompoc, CA
T-Rex Mural in Lompoc

Top Attractions and Things to Do in Lompoc

Spend time trying local wine, exploring the Lompoc Flower Fields, and enjoying the most popular things to do in Lompoc. Bring the kids for the weekend to explore Lompoc. There are plenty of spots to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take the day off at Jalama Beach County Park. You can even reserve a cabin to stay in. 

Walking Mural Tour in Downtown Lompoc

The Lompoc Mural Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing art to the walls of Lompoc in order to share Lompoc's history, tell the story of ethnic & cultural groups, & bring tourism to the city. They have a mural map with the exact location & details of 36 murals. Print it out or look it up on your phone as you do a walking mural tour. There are many beautiful pieces of art throughout the streets of Downtown Lompoc.

La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

Founded in 1787, the beautifully restored La Purisima Mission shares a glimpse into the past. You can choose guided tours of the buildings & grounds or venture off on your own. Walk through the tranquil mission gardens. Hike La Purisima Mission State Historic Park's 25 miles of trails. Grab a souvenir or hand-crafted item from the Gift Shop. I bought a stunning pink & green shell necklace. La Purisima Mission in the city of Lompoc, CA even has living history events such as a grape harvest, tortilla making, candle making, rope making, basket weaving, & other cool things to do with the family.

Things to Do in Lompoc, California Go Skydiving at Skydive Santa Barbara
My Skydiving Experience at Skydive Santa Barbara
Check out the Skydiver's Handbook

Go Skydiving at Skydive Santa Barbara

It felt frigid in the tiny airplane on the ride up. I start to shiver. The engine buzzed louder than my thoughts. The first tandem skydivers open the airplane door, scoot to the edge of the plane, lean out, & then vanish like a puff of air. Now it's our turn - my badass female tandem skydiver who has done 8,000+ jumps -  we inch our butts to the edge of the airplane & into the abyss. I brace myself, tilt forward, & oh shittttt we’re outtttttttt of the planeeeeeeeee. Magical. Positively magical. As far as exciting things to do in Lompoc, California, I highly recommend skydiving at Skydive Santa Barbara!

Where to Eat in Lompoc, CA

Lots of local eats in town! Sissy's Uptown Cafe, a family-owned business, is the hot-spot in town for pie. The coconut cream pie came so highly recommended but alas, it was sold out by the time we arrived. In fact, they were sold out of almost all their pies. Sissy's pie notoriety might literally leave you wanting more. Hangry & need a quick & casual food in Lompoc? Burrito, pizza, sushi, oh my.  Plenty of options to order, grab, & go. If you want to sit down to eat, try one of Lompoc's full-service restaurants. I ate pad Thai at Herb Home Thai Restaurant, sampled desserts & woodfired pizza from Valle Eatery + Bar inside the Hilton Garden Inn. Search online ahead of time to find something to suit your taste buds.

Things to do in Lompoc, CA Wine Tasting in Lompoc Arcadian Winery to Zotovich Vineyards
Blue nail polish: OPI (similar) // Hair tie ribbons: Kenz Laurenz (similar)
Wine from Dierberg Vineyard

Wine Tasting in Lompoc, California

Support local. Choose from 40 wineries and vineyards on Lompoc's wine trail, from Arcadian Winery to Zotovich Vineyards. The rolling hills & sprawling land make for some pretty scrumptious wine & stunning views. Check out the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, a cluster of local wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms in Santa Rita Hills, if you want easy access to multiple wineries. Enjoy an afternoon of Lompoc wine tasting. The media crew first met at Dierberg Vineyard for a press trip wine tasting. Visit Lompoc and try a couple different tasting rooms. Browse their websites to see when they open and what their hours are.


There are several cheap hotels in Lompoc, CA & affordable options but you can also search for Airbnbs. You can find something close to or in the center. Sign up for Airbnb with my link & get $40 off your booking. That could be a free night somewhere. I loved my Airbnb in Oslo, Norway, affordable & chic. I made coffee every morning. Ahh, I'm thankful for Airbnb memories. But I loved my Embassy Suites by Hilton Lompoc – Central Coast experience too!

Things to do in Lompoc, CA Lompoc Flower Fields what to do California
The City of Lompoc

If you haven't paid a visit to the city of Lompoc, integrate it into your upcoming travel plans. This buzzing town won't stay unknown for long. Soon people won't ask "where is Lompoc?" they'll say "I had no clue there were so many things to do in Lompoc, California."

Fun Things to Do in Lompoc, California