Need a ridiculously long list of things to do in Warsaw or what to see in Warsaw? I got you, my friend. Seriously no need to Google what to do in Warsaw for 12 hours, just print out this post, book a couple outings directly, & call it a day so you can watch Friends on Netflix for the 4,000th time. Travelers can visit Warsaw with family, kids, with friends, alone, or however you to travel. 

Warsaw, Poland

If the capital of Poland isn’t already on your travel radar, add it to your travel bucket list immediately. You don't have to ponder long on the top tourist attractions in Poland or what to do in Warsaw. There's TOO much, you won't be able to finish while you're visiting! Expect more crowds in the summer.

Picture a colorful, well-preserved Old Town Warsaw rebuilt after it was completely destroyed during World War II. This entire city has a wide range of food options: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, no matter your desires, there's an option for your dietary needs, making this one of the most foodie-friendly cities I’ve visited in Europe.

View from Warszawa Taras Widokowy in Old Town Warsaw Square Things to do in Warsaw
View from Warszawa Taras Widokowy in Old Town Warsaw Square.

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Downtown University of Warsaw Library Rooftop Garden things to do in Warsaw
Buildings & flowers from the University of Warsaw Library Rooftop Garden.

What to See in the Polish Capital: Castles & Palaces 

Get a feel of Polish history at some of these beautiful places.

Royal Castle - The Royal Castle Warsaw has both permanent & temporary exhibitions. Audio guides & guided tours available. Buy tickets to Skip The Line Royal Castle Guided Tour. Also called plac Zamkowy / Castle Square.

Krasiński Palace  - The Baroque architecture & manicured gardens of Krasiński Palace's make it look like the White House in Washington D.C. Ideal Warsaw sightseeing spot for romance, date night, or a solo moment alone.

Kazimierzowski Palace - University of Warsaw is a stunner. Constructed around 1643, Kazimierzowski Palace remains the University of Warsaw's oldest building.

Ujazdowski Castle - Looks like a castle, says it's a castle, but you might also know the castle as Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. Exhibition & cinema tickets available. Admission free on Thursday.

Presidential Palace - Feel royal at the Presidential palace of Warsaw, the seat of the president of the Republic of Poland. Add the palace to your sightseeing list.

Piłsudski Square - Imagine a big, open cement area with the occasional memorial or sculpture. That's Piłsudski Square. Including Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Multimedia Fountain Park Things to Do in Warsaw Sightseeing Historic Attractions
The nighttime light show at the Multimedia Fountain Park.

Gardens, Parks, Nature, Best Views

From garden views to music in the park, there's a lot to do in nature. Enjoy the atmosphere, see outdoor exhibitions, or find a community event.

Chopin in the Park - Music lovers will adore this experience. Frédéric François Chopin (born Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin) was a famous Polish composer and pianist. There is the Frederic Chopin Monument in Warsaw (Polish: Pomnik Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie). See a Chopin concert and check the calendar out to browse when they happen!

Multimedia Fountain Park at night - Easy Warsaw sightseeing option with free shows May through September. The fountain changes colors & splish splashes artistically as music plays. One of my favorite free things to do in Warsaw. *my personal favorite.

Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden) - I was blown away by Warsawa's gardens. Head over to take a look at the fountain at Ogród Saski, also known as Saxon Garden. Perfect for Warsaw sightseeing & free things to do in Warsaw, Poland.

Vistula River - Big river. Can't miss it. The Vistula River area even has an ecological walking & cycling path. *my personal favorite.

Landing Point - Nice beachy spot by the Vistula River. Play water sports, relax all day.

Łazienki Park (Lazienki Park or Royal Baths Park) - I walked by Lazienki Park a handful of times. One of the easier city of Warsaw sightseeing options. *my personal favorite.

University of Warsaw Library Rooftop Garden things to do sightseeing Poland autumn fall winter
Travel influencer? Photo lover? Take a photo at the University of Warsaw Library Rooftop Garden.
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University of Warsaw Library Rooftop Garden
- Do not miss this rooftop garden, easily one of the best free things to do in Warsaw. As far as what to see in Warsaw, you can savor a lovely view of Poland's capital from various points of the University of Warsaw Library Rooftop Garden. *my personal favorite.

University of Warsaw Botanic Garden (Ogród Botaniczny Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego) - I never miss a botanical garden. I love me some nature. Established in 1818 by the distinguished botanist Michał Szubert, the botanic garden stays open April through October. *my personal favorite.

Palace of Culture and Science 30th Floor Viewing Point - The best Warsaw sightseeing option to view the city from above.  I talk more about the Palace of Culture and Science down below. *my personal favorite.

Warszawa Taras Widokowy - Awesome view of Old Town Warsaw Square / Old Town Market Place. Super afford Warsaw sightseeing. *my personal favorite.

Mermaid in Old Town Warsaw Square Things to Do in Warsaw Sightseeing Historic Attractions
The Warsaw Mermaid in Old Town Warsaw Square with colorful buildings in the background.

What to See in Warsaw: Sightseeing & Historic Attractions

History buffs will savor the knowledge, museums, and attractions in Warsaw. There are monuments, historical buildings, cultural institutions, and more to explore as you walk around. You're surrounded by life. Discover the sculptures, churches, museums, sights, and stories.

Warsaw Uprising Monument (Polish: pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego)

Old Town Warsaw - As far as what to do in Warsaw, don't leave the bustling city without checking out the magic that is Old Town Square. It's charming, historic, photo-friendly, & beautiful. Definitely one of the tourist attractions in Poland. *my personal favorite. Warsaw Old Town is a must-see. The Historic Centre of Warsaw is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Mermaid in Old Town Warsaw Square - Snap a photo at this Instagram hotspot. The mermaid is an iconic symbol of Warsaw. See how many mermaids you count throughout the city. *my personal favorite.

Warsaw Citadel - Built in the early 1800s as a fortress, the Warsaw Citadel houses the Katyn Museum.  Take a photo at the Citadel for Warsaw sightseeing & what to see in Warsaw.

Powązki Cemetery - Weird, but I love walking around cemeteries; it's humbling & reminds me of my own mortality.

St. John’s Archcathedral in Warsaw - A 14th-century Cathedral.

Basilica of the Holy Cross - A baroque church along the Royal Route.

Gdański Bridge - What to see in Warsaw? Stop by the Gdański Bridge, a steel truss bridge worthy of a look. Don't forget to take a photo. One of the easier things to do in Warsaw. *my personal favorite.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Located within Piłsudski Square, two soldiers always stand guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Tourist spot for photos & what to see in Warsaw.

Neon Museum Warsawa Things to do in Warsaw, Poland sightseeing options
Goofing around outside the Neon Museum. Great for Warsaw sightseeing!

Interesting Things to Do Warsaw: Education & Museums

Art galleries, museums, and many places to experience in this vibrant city. A great place to find something fun and exciting in Downtown Warsaw and more.

Neon Museum - Bzzzzzz. The sound of neon signs remains etched in my brain. Small, but one of many affordable things to do in Warsaw. *my personal favorite.

Warsaw Rising Museum (Warsaw Uprising Museum) - The Warsaw Rising Museum / Warsaw Uprising Museum is a tribute to Warsaw residents who lost their lives fighting for Poland's independence.

Royal Łazienki Museum - The Royal Łazienki consists of The Palace on the Isle, The Old Orangery (housing the Royal Sculpture Gallery), as well as Royal Łazienki gardens: the Royal Garden, the Romantic Garden, the Modernist Garden, Chinese Garden. & the Deckchair Leisure Zone. Don't forget Łazienki Park.

National Museum in Warsaw - The National Museum in Warsaw contains over 800,000 pieces of art. Temporary exhibitions on rotation as well as permanent galleries (Faras Gallery, Gallery of Medieval Art, Gallery of Old Masters, Gallery of 19th Century Art, Gallery of 20th and 21st Century Art, Gallery of Polish Design).

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews - The Core Exhibition at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Ticket covers 1,000 years of Polish-Jewish history, paintings, artifacts, & culture with interactive installations, video projections, & reconstructions. Buy your tickets to POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Ticket.

Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów - Why not visit the Wilanów Palace Baroque royal residence as part of your Warsaw sights adventure? Points of interest include the intricate interior of The White Hall, the Statue of Jan III Sobieski, the King's Library, the Queen's Bedroom, the Wilanów Garden, Morysin Nature Reserve, & quite a lot more. Buy tickets to skip the Line Wilanów Palace and Gardens Guided Tour.

Heritage Interpretation Centre - The Heritage Interpretation Center is the starting point of the Cultural Route of Old Town Cellars.

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Palace of Culture and Science at night
Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science at night.

Palace of Culture and Science - When my bus arrived in the city of Warsaw at 12 A.M., I spotted the towering Palace of Culture and Science straight away. What to do in Warsaw? The Palace houses a number of theaters, museums, restaurants, cafes, an observation deck, so you could spend all day here! One of the top tourist attractions in Poland.

Praga Museum of Warsaw (Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi) - Located on Warsaw's right bank, the Praga Museum of Warsaw possesses both core & temporary exhibitions showcasing the story of Praga.

Pawiak Prison Museum - What to see in Warsaw if you're a history buff? The Pawiak Prison Museum used to be a prison from 1835 to 1944 when the Germans blew up nearly the entire prison complex. The museum is positioned in the surviving prison blocks VII & VIII.

Polish Army Museum (Muzeum Wojska Polskiego w Warszawie) - The permanent exhibit at the museum covers Polish military history starting from the 10th century up until the end of World War II.

Copernicus Science Centre -  If you need ideas on what to do in Warsaw, spend the day browsing one of 400 exhibits at Copernicus Science Centre / Copernicus Science Center. including a play inside the Robotic Theatre or activities at the Minilabs laboratory. This science museum is one of the best things to do in Warsaw with kids & families!

Looking for what to see in Warsaw University of Warsaw Poland what to do
Looking for what to see in Warsaw? Check out the University of Warsaw!

Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium - Part of the Copernicus Science Centre, Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium allows tourists & residents to enjoy laser shows, live shows, & films about the planet.

PGE Narodowy Stadium - Built for the European Football Championship in 2012, PGE Narodowy Stadium hosts football (soccer) & other sporting events as well as concerts for big-names like The Rolling Stones & Madonna.

Legia Warsaw Marshal Józef Piłsudski Municipal Stadium - Football (soccer) team, Legia Poland, plays their home games at the Legia Warsaw Marshal Józef Piłsudski Municipal Stadium. Legia & PGE Narodowy Stadium are perfect things to do in Warsaw for sports fans.

Fotoplastikon Warszawski - Museum visitors can watch rotating stereoscopic images. They even host lessons about 20th-century Warsaw history.

History Meeting House - History Meeting House stands as the city of Warsaw’s municipal institution of culture, promoting history the history of the capital city through organized exhibitions, discussions, workshops, & other cool things to do in Warsaw.

Warsaw Zoological Garden - Add the Warsaw Zoological Garden to your list of things to do in Warsaw with children & many tourist attractions in Poland.

Lokal Vegan Bistro has delicious vegan spins on authentic Polish dishes.

Things to Do in the City of Warsaw: Polish Food & Drinks

Hala Koszyki - A food hall with restaurant, grocery, & culinary options.

To Lubie (To Lubię) - a small, sweet cafe located in Warsaw's Old Town. Don't leave without trying their Dominican mead. *my personal favorite.

Bar Prasowy (Press Bar) - A classic take on a Polish classic, the milk bar. Milk bars come from the Communist area as a way to make affordable food available to working people.

Bar Gdański (Gdańsk Bar) - Another milk bar.

Lokal Vegan Bistro - Incredible vegan alternatives to some of Poland's most popular authentic dishes. I'm drooling just thinking about the meal I had.  *my personal favorite.

You can also opt for a Warsaw food tour.

Things to Do in Warsaw: Shopping

Złote Tarasy
Arkadia Shopping Mall
Galeria Mokotów
Mokotowska shopping street
Mysia street
Szpitalna street

Mermaids in Warsaw, Poland sightseeing and things to do see what to do
What to see when you visit Warsaw: Another mermaid. There are mermaids all over the city. 

Did I forget anything? Leave me a comment! But don't bust my chops - there is a ridiculous amount of things to do in Warsaw. You'll never have to wonder what to do in Warsaw. There's an endless amount!

After sharing my Warsaw Poland experience with my Instagram family, one of my followers messaged me to say, "I was talking to my boyfriend about what you shared about Warsaw & we are adding to the list of places in Europe we would like to go someday."

It's truly the biggest compliment that is something I experienced & shared from my own perspective influence someone that they wanted to add it to their own list. I feel like I should mention that this type of feedback is so important & heartwarming & seriously makes me smile. Your message or comment can really make a difference!

Warszawa Taras Widokowy in Old Town Warsaw Square Sightseeing
What to do in Warsaw: Look out on Old Town Warsaw Square from Warszawa Taras Widokowy.

A City with Heart: Warsaw's Charm

The weather may range depending on the season, but travelers should always be able to find good accommodation. There are sightseeing options for families, couples, solo travelers, & travel influencers alike. The city's charm comes in its mix of historical landmarks, parks, walking along the modern streets, enjoying every morsel of food, sipping coffee, and its beauty. 

Catch a concert or learn something at a museum. If you made it all the way to the end of this blog post then you know there's an endless amount of things to do in Warsaw, Poland. You can spend days in Warsaw sightseeing as a travel influencer, a tourist, or if traveling with your friends or family or children! Enjoy your trip to Warsaw. 

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