Each step of the Oceanside Pier of California has entertaining things to see. From fishing to walking and enjoying the scenery, the O'Side Pier a great place to spend a fun day with family or friends. You're likely to make real memories to last for years to come. You just can't visit the city without walking the longest wooden pier at least once! Spend the night near the coast. Dig your feet in the sand. Listen to the waves crash and savor the nature that surrounds Oceanside. Oceanside is a beautiful area to get away for a bit. Stare at the water, enjoy the weather, search for a sport to play, and get sandy.

Scroll down to learn about the history of the pier, what you can do, eat, and shop nearby!

* This post has been updated as of: May 2021

History of the Pier

The historic Oceanside Pier was originally proposed in 1887. At the time the pier was called a wharf. It went through a lot of trials and tribulations, suffering irreparable damage from a storm in 1890. Over the past 100+ years, there have been 6 iterations of the pier. The current pier is 1,942 feet long and was dedicated in 1987. It remains one of the most popular things to do in Oceanside, CA.

The pier located in the city of Oceanside, California which is just north of San Diego. you can walk on this long, beautiful pier to get a great view of Oceanside. If you're coming to town, be sure to give it a stroll. 

Address: Pier, Oceanside, CA 92054 at the crosssection of Pacific St. and Pier View Way

Hours: Closes 10 p.m.

Total length: 1,954 feet (596 m) 

Opening date: 1888

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Oceanside CA North County San Diego

You can't visit the city of Oceanside, California without walking the Oceanside Fishing Pier. This is one of the most classic things to do in Oceanside. The Oceanside Pier is popular amongst both locals and tourists. You can watch people fishing pretty much anytime you're there. 

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Ruby's Diner

You used to be able to eat at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier; Ruby's was a 40s-style diner with American classics like fries, burgers, and milkshakes, but it has since closed. Unfortunately. It was such a cool spot! 

Restaurants Near Oceanside Pier

- 333 Pacific

- Hello Betty

- Camp Coffee Company

- Harni Sushi - Oceanside 

- Miss Kim’s by That Boy Good 

- Banana Dang Coffee

Animals and Wildlife

Stroll your way through to the end of the pier to look out on the Pacific Ocean. While you're strolling the pier, enjoy the wildlife. I've seen a sea lion, a seal, pelicans (on separate occasions not all at once although that would be cool) and of course tons of seagulls and pigeons. The pelicans are known for frequenting the pier especially since they can get some free fish. You might be lucky enough to see the pelican(s) and get a photo or two; they're not always there but they're there pretty often. 


Oceanside Pier has a small shop on it that you can get some convenience items and snacks. There are also restrooms if you need to use them. There're benches placed occasionally along the way if you want to rest or take in the scenery. There are also some shops and food stands at the bottom of the pier before you walk on. Since the pier is located in Oceanside 92054 at the crosssection of Pacific St. and Pier View Way, there are plenty of local restaurants nearby to dine at or pick up some food to eat at the beach! 

Beachcombing and Walking

The best way to get to know a city is by walking it. Oceanside literally hugs the coast. It's an idyllic spot. I like going for walks and checking out the shoreline. 

Sunset Views

The historic Oceanside Pier is one of the longest piers in California at 1,942 feet in length and is the longest wooden pier in California. If you enjoy the outdoors and just want to walk around with a beach view, this is a great spot! Plus, it's free, so you can't go wrong there. No matter what your favorite place to visit in Oceanside is, make sure you add this one for a lovely pier view. Come for a Pacific Ocean sunset as you enjoy a fun day on the coast. The Oceanside Pier is a great place to end the day. It's actually open until 10 p.m.

Oceanside Harbor

Oceanside Harbor is around 1.5 miles away from Oceanside Fishing Pier, which should be a 10-minute drive depending on traffic. There are kayak rentals and other fun stuff to do over there.

Oceanside Pier: Restaurants, Fishing, Parking, Everything You Need to Know!

Can you go to the beach in Oceanside? 

When you visit the city, go to the beach in Oceanside, maybe a couple beaches. There are things to do at any time of day. You walk directly to Oceanside Pier from the beach and then walk along the coast. Tyson Street Park is nearby within walking distance. You can go surfing or hang out on the beach. Spend the day like a local, enjoying a casual beach day.

How much is parking at Oceanside Beach?

Parking in Oceanside is fairly affordable and there are plenty of paid parking lots. You can find free street parking as well as one free parking garage. If street parking isn't available by the time you arrive, consider using a paid parking lot out of convenience. No matter where you park, read all signs in the parking lots carefully as parking restrictions are subject to change at any time. There are parking lots such as Oceanside Pier & Beaches Lot 28 Parking lot (351 The Strand N), Oceanside Pier & Beaches Lot 30 (Betty's Lot) Parking lot (101 The Strand N), Oceanside Pier & Beaches Lot 21 Parking lot (214 Surfrider Way), and more.

Are there any beach restaurants in Oceanside? What are the best places to eat in Oceanside?

While there aren't any restaurants directly on the beach, there are some close by. Definitely within walking distance and of course more if you drive the coast. Things to Do in Oceanside, California: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, What to See! Oceanside, California is a city with a rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and outdoor adventure located in North County San Diego. For residents and tourists alike, Oceanside boasts an array of activities. Of course, you can head south to San Diego too.

Soak in the amazing scenery of the Pacific Ocean or watch a surf competition as you stroll your way to the end of the pier. Eat at a restaurant, grab a craft beer, and enjoy the view from San Diego's iconic landmark. There are plenty of events that occur throughout the year so you can check the Oceanside Welcome Center or browse online!