There are so many things to do on a rainy day. When we see rainy days in film, we often watch characters cuddling under a cozy blanket and giggling romantically with a partner; you can do that and so much more! 

These rainy day activities include some low-key options as well as some fun things to do outside of the house. These great ideas will keep you entertained through all seasons where you find a bit of rain. If you have kids, there are a lot of things on this list you can do with kids too.

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Whether you opt to stay inside or outside, these 100+ things will keep you busy in the pouring rain. No need to stay bored!

100+ Fun Rainy Day Activities

  1. Host an indoor picnic
  2. Pick up beers from a local brewery and have an at-home taste test 
  3. Go to a winery for a glass of wine
  4. Do an at home beer tasting with a few different beers.
  5. Have a video game tournament
  6. Eat hot dogs or hamburgers
  7. Sip on hot chocolate 
  8. Have tea or coffee at a coffee shop
  9. Eat a meal at a fancy restaurant
  10. Make the first recipe you see on TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc.
  11. Make a fancy mocktail with whatever you have at home (sparkling water, soda, juice, fruits, syrups, cinnamon, etc.)
  12. Bake dessert (chocolate chip cookies, cake, bread, loaf, muffins, etc)
  13. Make kombucha. Here are 85+ flavor ideas if you need inspiration.
  14. Make yourself a solo meal and then do 3 things on this list
  15. Go grocery shopping
  16. Meal plan and come up with meal ideas for the next few days. 
  17. Head to the local pub, sometimes they have karaoke, dancing, line dancing, etc
  18. Take cooking classes or do an online cooking lesson. A cooking class not only gives you additional life skills but it's fun and tastes good too.
  19. Invite a friend or sibling or bestie over for a sleepover. 100+ Things to Do at a Sleepover.
  20. Buy a book from a local bookstore and spend the day reading
  21. Read a short story
  22. Go roller skating at an indoor rink
  23. Golf at an indoor driving range
  24. Create a super fun indoor obstacle course 
  25. Go window shopping at your local mall
  26. Go people-watching somewhere popular (the mall, downtown, etc)  
  27. Spend the day binge watching tv. Some streaming services have access to live tv or local channels if you don't have cable. 
  28. Invite friends over for a movie marathon. Take turns watching movies that each person recommends or you can pick one series and watch each film.
  29. Spend the afternoon learning magic tricks 
  30. Take turns recommending a YouTube video to watch with your friends, family, partner, roommate, etc.
  31. Start embroidering. You can get an embroidery kit from Amazon and jazz up old tote bags, jeans, etc.
  32. Do an art project. Whether you use items you already have at home or you have to make a Michael's run, there are so many crafts, projects, and fun things to create.
  33. Go to an art gallery 
  34. Go to a museum
  35. Go bowling
  36. Go to an aquarium 
  37. Play laser tag. They also have laser tag kits on Amazon if you want them delivered to you.
  38. Go ax throwing
  39. Watch a movie in the movie theatre
  40. Watch a play or live performance
  41. Sign up for a library card
  42. Go to the library and check out a book or two
  43. Host a trivia night. You can pick a theme and make it up yourself. or play something like Ultimate Trivia, Volume 1: 800 + Fun and Challenging Trivia Questions. View it on Amazon here.
  44. Try to make your way out of an escape room
  45. Plan out your dream vacation 
  46. Plan a scavenger hunt indoors
  47. Jump the day away at an indoor trampoline park
  48. Let your creative juices flow and make a vision board 
  49. Do an indoor treasure hunt. This is perfect for adults and anyone who needs entertainment.
  50. Sign up at your local gym
  51. Take a workout glass or exercise class
  52. Spend a few hours learning a new language. You can communicate with more people and challenge your brain too.
  53. Buy a sudoku book and do as many sudoku puzzles as you can.
  54. Buy a newspaper and read the whole thing
  55. Do a crossword puzzle
  56. Play charades 
  57. Play card games. You could go for Go Fish, Solitaire, Old Maid, etc. You can play a few rounds. Play cards!
  58. Play board games. Play a board game or two with friends, family, or roommates (Monopoly, Clue, Catan, Candy Land, Sorry!, etc.)
  59. Can't pick just one game? How about a game night where you play card games, board games, and play video games like Mario Kart. Play games all day.
  60. Write a letter to your future self
  61. Write a letter to your past self
  62. Write a letter and sent it in the mail
  63. Spend the entire day doing, trying, eating things you've never tried before. Doesn't have to be fancy. If you've never tried sushi or eaten a fig or had a martini, today's a good day. If you've never worn overalls, go to a store and try one on in the dressing room. How does it look? You get the picture.
  64. Go to an ice skating rink
  65. Write a list of productive things you can accomplish this week
  66. Have a dance party. You can go by artist, album, playlist, vibe, genre, etc. There are so many options because there is so much music out there.
  67. Listen to records, CDs, Spotify, whatever music device you have
  68. Have a spa day or self-care day
  69. Hang up your laundry
  70. Organize the pictures on your phone. Delete, put them in albums, see what's there.
  71. Create a budget for the month
  72. Stay home and invite your friends over. Do as many things from this list as you can! 100+ Fun Things to Do at Home with Friends.
  73. Find a photo booth and take a photo! Perfect for a rainy day date!
  74. Call a friend or relative. Catch up, ask how their day was, and say that you were thinking of them.
  75. Turn off your phone, tablet, tv, and spend the day without social media or the internet.
  76. Organize your closet, garage, cabinet, under the sink, etc.
  77. Mend any clothes that need fixing. Sew on a fallen button, repair a hole, etc.
  78. Dress up in your finest clothes and just feel fancy for the night
  79. Pick out some items, books, clothes, dishes, etc. to donate.
  80. Journal, write in a diary, process your thoughts. If you need inspiration, 100+ Morning Journal Prompts: 100 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery. Read here.
  81. Make a collage
  82. Do a DIY project
  83. Make your own candles with a DIY candle-making kit
  84. Rearrange the furniture
  85. Rotate your plants
  86. Take a bubble bath
  87. Buy some new plants
  88. Build an indoor fort
  89. Recycle your cans, glass, and aluminum. See if there's a recycling center near you where you can exchange the recyclables for a bit of cash.
  90. Delete and organize photos if you have any printed out
  91. Delete and organize your emails
  92. Organize that drawer in your home that has all the junk you don't know what to do with
  93. Practice learning an instrument
  94. Play in a puddle
  95. Dance in the rain
  96. Go on a rain walk
  97. Watch the rain from indoors
  98. Camp in your backyard
  99. Look up Halloween costume ideas such as Cher Horowitz or Laney Boggs from She's All That Prom Dress.
  100. Have a fancy date night with your partner or by yourself
  101. Have a personal favorite day where you do everything you love. Eat your favorite food, order your favorite drinks, go to your favorite spot in town.
  102. Try new cocktail recipes
  103. Play a drinking game
  104. Play poker
  105. Play Candy Crush
  106. Play truth or dare
  107. Start a scrapbook. Put photos, knickknacks, tickets, movie stubs, and other things you've collected into the scrapbook.
  108. Make a time capsule
  109. Relax, meditate, and let the rain act as a personal white noise machine.
  110. Take a nap
  111. Take photos of flowers
  112. Plan your next trip. Look up flights, train tickets, transportation, hotel, Airbnb, etc.
  113. Do 5 things on this list
  114. Do 10 things on this list
  115. Do as many things on this list as possible before midnight
  116. If it's rainy for a few days, see if you can cross off everything on this list of things to do on a rainy day for adults!
Photo of a rainy day in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Carmen Varner.

A List of Rainy Day Activities

Hopefully, this list gives you endless inspiration on how to make it through the rain. You can do these fun rainy day activities alone, you can do them with friends, you can spend time with the entire family, there's a lot of variety. You can customize it as needed.

In films, a rainy day seems so romantic. You always see the movies of people dancing in the rain and hugging and kissing and having a good time. The rain gives a different ambiance, a completely different atmosphere. There's the wetness and dampness, the clouds, the grey skies. If you’re looking for a great rainy day date idea to do with your partner or some things to do with friends, this list is for you. This list will get you through the rainy season. You can have so much fun whether it's just you stuck inside or whether you invite a family member over. You can spend the rainy day playing your favorite games, watching YouTube videos, and learning a new skill.

Rainy Day Date Ideas

There are heaps of things to do on a rainy day for adults! A rainy day for adults has so much more possibility than it does when you were a kid. Now you can do whatever you want. Consider this list if you need rainy day date ideas. From going to a brewery to working out to dancing in the rain, there are plenty of fun rainy day activities. You can customize this list to do with your partner for an unforgettable experience. Rainy day dates just got better!