Summer is around the corner, and Dutch Bros has some new drinks on the menu. The Mangonada Rebel returns for another year, while the Churro Freeze and Watermelon Fizz are both fresh additions. Find these available for a limited time at all Dutch Bros locations (all 850+ of them) now until June 30, 2024.

New Churro Freeze and Watermelon Fizz Seasonal Drinks from Dutch Bros

Churro Freeze Blended Caramel Coffee from Dutch Bros

The Churro Freeze uses blended caramel coffee, cinnamon sugar Soft Top, and churro bits for a chilly treat. The churro bits appear to be crunchy pieces of cinnamon sugar, so if you're expecting a dough-based churro, that's not the case. This is for the best since the sugar bits would get soggy in the drink while the cinnamon sugar bits remain crisp.  

The Churro Freeze mixes cinnamon and coffee for a blended but not-too-thick drink. It has the espresso factor if you want a coffee drink, but it's too hot for a warm beverage. It's a cold drink, but the cinnamon aspect almost seems as though it would be suited for fall

New Churro Freeze and Watermelon Fizz Seasonal Drinks from Dutch Bros

If you want a little bit of autumn in the summertime the Churro Freeze is a delicious way to get that feeling in a cup. Cinnamon is considered one of the warming spices you often see paired with ginger, cardamom, etc.

The blended Churro Freeze seasonal drink is quite cold, so if you have teeth sensitivities, this is something to consider. I don’t, but it was still very cold on the teeth.

New Churro Freeze and Watermelon Fizz Seasonal Drinks from Dutch Bros

Watermelon Fizz from Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros' Watermelon Fizz has sparkling water that's infused with watermelon, strawberry fruit pieces, and lemonade. It's a refreshing sweet drink that feels light in comparison to the Churro Freeze. Dutch Bros Watermelon Fizz is especially refreshing to sip on a hot day.

The cold beverage definitely has the tell-tale signs of summer. It almost tastes like a fruit 7-Up or a spin on a Jolly Rancher. It’s very carbonated and sweet but not too cloying. There is a lot of ice, so drink it sooner rather than later because the ice melts and waters down the potency of the Watermelon Fizz.

Mangonada Rebel

The Mangonada Rebel is the Dutch Bros version of the Mexican drink. This rendition has Rebel, which is Dutch Bros' exclusive energy drink as well as and mangonada flavor. It's topped with strawberries and Taj√≠n® (made of mild natural chili peppers, lime, and sea salt).

Dutch Bros Seasonal Drinks Prices

At my local Dutch Bros in the San Diego area, the small Watermelon Fizz and small Churro Freeze seasonal drinks totaled $12.02. Given the state of inflation across all industries, the price is pretty decent. They are standard as far as specialty drinks, like Dutch Bros frozen coffee, go. Whether that’s a price you want to pay or not, it’s up to you.