SOUNDSNOBZ. Why so snobby? SoundSnobz, established in 2012, consists of TroyBoi and icekream. The London-based trap duo claim their inspiration hails from all across the globe due to their varied backgrounds. The group is well-traveled, playing mainly in London, but they aim to grow drastically this year. After a delay in responses, the sound snoots very apologetically answered my questions. This brought to light their sense of humanity and warmth, which I appreciated as a writer. It's something about their personality. They care. They care about their music and they respect their fans.

Photo by Skyler Greene Photography 
TroyBoi: Troy
icekream: ice

Troy: 26
ice: 28

Troy: London
ice: Paris

Location: London and Dubai

Where do you gather inspiration? 
Troy: Literally from anything! From the knocking of a pen on the table to the Taiko drums of Japan. We both come from extremely cultured backgrounds (Lebanese, American, Nigerian, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese) and we take a lot of influences from music from there too. We like anything quirky and love to explore anything out of the ordinary. 

What do you think the other person brings to the duo?
ice: Another flavour. Another interpretation. Another banger. Another opinion. Another sound, amongst other things!

What can we expect from SoundSnobz in 2014?
Troy: Expect a lot of noise from us! Shows,'s gonna be a big year! We don't wanna give too much away just yet ;)

Where can your fans see you perform live?
ice: At least every week in London, of course. Always check our IG/Twitter to stay up to date on our moves...

How have you evolved since you first started?
Troy: We have really learnt to embrace each other's styles of production and by doing this we have come off with the perfect formula in order to create a SoundSnobz track. We both have perfected our styles individually and this has been key in order to bring out both our musical characteristics in our tracks that are done together. We really feel strongly about each other's sound and the musical chemistry we both have is incredible. 
Why the name "SoundSnobz?"
ice: One of my boys coined it actually. We were in Abu Dhabi arguing over dinner time music selection and I was like: “Sami, there's no way in hell I'm eating to this music!” He then looked at me with disgust and said: “Geeeez! You're such a sound snob! What the hell!!” I instantly knew that name was a keeper and asked my friends permission to keep it forever. He said yes but only if we give him 5% of everything we make.............forever!

What's the best film of all time?
Troy: We both love films! It's hard to pick the best but the Lord of the Rings trilogy might have to be up there! 

What's your all time favorite food?
ice: Lebanese 

Favorite drink?
Troy: Alcoholic or nice cold Fanta! 

What do you do when you're not making music?
ice: Listening to it! One way or another: Radio, Podcast, iTunes, Driving/Walking around blasting it on the speakers/headphones. Also thoroughly enjoy TV shows, movies & current, global affairs.
Photo by Skyler Greene Photography
Who knows where the duo will be by the end of 2014, but all signs point to success. They have a large following on SoundCloud with only room to grow. Let their catchy beats and snazzy jams move you.

Check them out: