90s style is all the rage. I recently got a blast from the past by watching 10 Things I Hate About You with Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Larisa Oleynik. It was marvelous. In the film, Bianca's pretty in pink prom dress -- or prom crop top with tulle skirt, as it should be called -- is way too chic to ignore. The separate pieces give it a relaxed feel but the satin & tulle show some glamour. I simply couldn't resist recreating the look. We all love Kat but this post is about Bianca. Get the look with Bianca's prom dress from 10 Things I Hate About You!

There are two vital items to start off your look. The first thing you need is a shiny, bright pink crop top. It doesn't have to be too cropped just enough to show a sliver of skin. The next thing is a somewhat long pink tulle skirt. This skirt is only $22! You will look like a lovely pink ballerina. These two make a whimsical, vintage-inspired pair. Once you find these key items the rest is up to you. You can even wear a slip dress under if you can't find the right shirt. There are many dresses that you can go with!

bianca's prom dress

Bianca and Kat are sisters. Each one dresses differently with their unique style. During the prom scene in 110 Things I Hate About You with Julia Stiles & Heath Ledger, Bianca holds a unique satin pink bag. It's hard to find something quite like it so I did my best to search for an alternative. All you need is a bold pink coin purse that's small enough to hold your essentials but not large enough to hide the world.

Accessorize your prom look with a dainty & sweet necklace of your choice. You might as well go with a retro 90s looking choker necklace. If you have a genuine necklace from the 1990s that's even better, but not all of us are so lucky as to have those lying around. The stretchy chokers are very cheap & easy to find these days.

The last thing you'll need to complete Bianca's prom dress look is a pair of cute strappy heels. You'll only need a darling pair to last long enough to capture for the photos. By the time you start dancing you'll probably take them off after a couple of songs. That's how it normally goes at dances. I can vouch for that because dancing in high heels is no easy feat.

What do you think of this 10 Things I Hate About You outfit inspired by Bianca's prom dress? Which is your favorite piece? Have you seen the film? :]

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