Gouda is one of my favorite types of cheeses. What is gouda? The cheese tastes creamy & rich; the soft texture that makes almost melt in your mouth, making nearly irresistible to munch on. It's similar to Havarti cheese in that way.

That's why I was so excited when Gouda, a city in the Netherlands, made its way onto my family's radar during our Europe trip. I made sure we put it on the itinerary because I just had to see where the famous cheese hailed from. There are a few things to do if you're visiting Gouda, Holland.

Things To Do in Gouda, Holland (The Netherlands)

The city of Gouda is a Dutch cheese town. While Gouda is world-famous for its cheese, it's also recognized for smoking pipes & stroopwafels — a waffle sandwich made from two extremely thin layers of baked batter with a caramel syrup filling in the middle aka a gift from the heavens. Stroopwafels were invented in Gouda! How cool is that?! Side note: I ate soooo0oo many stroopwafels on my trip; they're incredible. If you have access to an international market, keep your eyes out for them. Or you can buy stroopwafels online.

Things To Do in Gouda, Holland (The Netherlands)

The Gouda market square has a gorgeous gothic city hall that's hard to miss & beautiful to photograph. You can explore the town, the Gouda market, the shops, & everything in between in a day. Gouda is a relatively small place but there's still plenty of things to do in town. You can appreciate it for a few hours or stay overnight.

Things To Do in Gouda, Holland (The Netherlands)

Munching on local delicacies is one of my favorite things to do in Europe. The Netherlands is particularly known for their apple tarts so I recommend eating them as often as possible. While I was there, the indulgence was real. The apple tart in Gouda had giant chunks of apple. Soft on the outside with a slightly crispy interior. An absolute delight.

Things To Do in Gouda, Holland (The Netherlands)

What is Gouda?

Since Gouda cheese hails from Gouda, Netherlands (duh), you have the opportunity to sample product like you're the queen (or king) of the world. Coconut gouda, pesto gouda, paprika gouda, fenugreek gouda. All the gouda cheese flavors of the rainbow. It's something I still dream about. I tell you what: there's no gouda like the gouda from Gouda. Say that fast 10 times!

Things To Do in Gouda, Holland (The Netherlands)

If you make it out to the Dutch cheese town of Gouda, be sure to take the time to eat any of the local food.  I drooled at every bakery & cafe & restaurant I walked by. One of the best parts of traveling is tasting various types of cuisine. Eating out can get expensive so it's important to understand how to eat on a budget while traveling abroad. How cute are these fruit-inspired gummy candies?!?

Things To Do in Gouda, Holland (The Netherlands)

Looking for a hotel in Gouda, Netherlands? Here are some options - just put in your check-in & check-out dates to see what's available:


The canals of Holland are magnificent. Each one has its own personality & ranges in every city. Back in the day, the canals were used for water management, transportation, & defense purposes. As the times changed, the canals are normally utilized for recreational activities like canal tours. Gouda continues to use the tradition of canals with some unique cheese-inspired decorations.

My experience in Gouda, Netherlands was delicious but brief. Take a look at the town center or the local shops, & make sure you stop to enjoy a pastry & some cheese. Walk around the Gouda market square. Grab a wheel of gouda cheese to go as your own edible souvenir. Gouda is an old town with a lot of character. It remains fondly in my heart.

Have you visited Gouda? Have you eaten the cheese? :]

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