Blogging is tough, y'all. There's always a curveball or a challenge or a commitment or an obstacle to keep you on your toes. There are highs & lows. There are so many moving parts. Whether you want to reach new clients or increase your blog page views, it's easy to lose blogging inspiration & fall behind on your social media goals. It's hard to create successful blogs these days!

Sometimes you feel stuck or overwhelmed with how much you need to do. You ask yourself: "How can get there? How can I get unstuck when I feel stuck?"

Take 30 minutes to go through this exercise & by the end of it, you'll identify some creative blog topics you can start writing immediately. As a social media / blog coach, I go over this topic a lot with my clients. Let's get those blogging content inspiration juices flowing. Are you ready? My clients have successful blogs, brands, & social media channels.

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Step 1. Ask yourself: What excites & inspires me? 

Write it down. Grab a pen & paper. Type it on your phone or laptop. Time yourself for 5 minutes; time management is important. Write down words or phrases as they come to you, stream of consciousness style. Don't overthink it. Write it down, you can refine it later. Aim for 20.

1. Food
2. Travel
3. Nature
4. Craft beer
5. Netflix
6. Friends
7. Hot sauce 
8. Blogging 
9. Photography 
10. Dogs
11. Poetry
12. Journaling
13. Writing 
14. Reading magazines 
15. Learning
16. Earl Grey tea
17. Thrift shopping
18. Kombucha
19. Farmers markets
20. Meditating

Step 2. Expand!

You have your initial list of things that excite & inspire you. Now we're going to get more detailed about each blogging inspiration point. Go through each word or phrase you wrote down & expand on it. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Aim to expand by 5. Again, stream of consciousness style. There's no right or wrong way to do this. You just want to get pen to paper. At the end of this step you should have a hodgepodge list of things that you're drawn to, captivated by, interested in, or simply enjoy.

1. Food ---> Vegetarian food. Persian food. Trying food from different cultures. Dark chocolate. Pickle chips.  

2. Travel ---> Seeing new places. Learning about other cultures. Trying new food! Challenging myself (like that time I spent the night on a couch at London Gatwick Airport). 

3. Nature ---> Botanical gardens. Nature walks. State parks or nature reserves. Seeing animals like butterflies, birds, rabbits, deer. Finding peace outside.

4. Craft beer ---> San Diego craft beer breweries. Happy hour craft beer. Hazy IPAs. Tijuana tasting rooms

Step 3. Circle the words or phrases that you're especially interested in

Take a look at your list & circle words or phrases you're especially interested in. What calls to you? What are you truly inspired by? As a human being, what are your current interests? This exercise is an excellent way to get to know yourself (again) & find blogging inspiration content ideas.

Step 4. Ask yourself: How can I incorporate these topics on my blog? How can I incorporate these things into my daily life or even my work?

Time yourself for 5 minutes. Work from your circled list & ask yourself how you can incorporate the topics on your creative blog as well as how you can add them into your daily life. The more you expose yourself to things that excite & inspire you, the more likely you'll have plenty of blogging inspiration to give you content blog ideas. Identify your current likes & write about it. Always stream of consciousness style, it doesn't have to be fancy.

1. Persian food

How can I incorporate this topic on my creative blog? ---> 
- Write about my childhood & growing up Persian
- Experiment with classic Persian Iranian recipes 
- Storytell about the Persian parts of my lifeevening Farsi classes, celebrating Nowruz
- Talk about the joys of rose water

How can I incorporate this topic into my daily life or even my work? ---> 
- Eat at local Persian restaurants in the San Diego area.
Buy an Iranian cookbook to try new-to-me recipes.
- Practice Farsi on DuoLingo
- Check out a book on Persian poetry from the library

Complete this exercise in its entirety & you'll find blogging inspiration to give you creative blog topics & blog ideas for months to come. Never forget that success is a series of small wins, sometimes it's almost unnoticeable. Use your time wisely; read time management tips for bloggers for my best tips. As a blog coach, my clients with successful blogs ask for inspiration tips quite often.