I'd heard about The Daily Stoic quite frequently from multiple people over the course of a year. I figured it didn't hurt it to invest in a book for around $15. I bought a grilled cheese sandwich at a trendy food hall for $12 a, so for $3 more, I could've just bought The Daily Stoic in the first place.

Find out more about stoicism and mindfulness, the timeless wisdom of stoic principles, & how you can integrate modern stoicism into your lifestyle. Continue reading to learn about Ryan Holiday's The Daily Stoic & how it becomes part of your routine.

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Ryan Holiday The Daily Stoic: Stoicism and Mindfulness, Stoic Principles, & Modern Stoicism
The Daily Stoic: Stoicism and Mindfulness, Stoic Principles, & Modern Stoicism

What Is The Daily Stoic About?

The book mixes the timeless wisdom of stoic philosophy quotes with modern stoicism. You'll find 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, & the art of living. There's an ancient stoic philosophy quote for every single day of the year. It features the new translations of Seneca, Epictetus, & Marcus Aurelius. Following the quote, Ryan Holiday shares his insight, anecdotes, & commentary. The book allows you to apply the stoic lifestyle to your daily activity. There's also The Daily Stoic audiobook. Another cool book to read: Rising Strong by BrenĂ© Brown.

Each month is organized into a category based on the stoic principles:

Part I: The Discipline of Perception
January: Clarity
February: Passions & Emotions
March: Awareness
April: Unbiased Thought

Part II: The Discipline on Action
May: Right Action
June: Problem Solving
July: Duty
August: Pragmatism

Part III: The Discipline of Will
September: Fortitude & Resilience
October: Virtue & Kindness
November: Acceptance / Amor Fati
December: Meditation on Mortality

Do You Have to Start on January 1st?

Nope, you don't have to start The Daily Stoic on January 1. Whenever you buy the book, just open up the page for the day & get started. I bought the book in December & my first entry was from December 18. I write 1 to 3 sentences about the entry of the day directly into the book – essentially my interpretation of modern stoicism and mindfulness.

Stoic Principles & Timeless Wisdom

It definitely helps to read the beginning of the book because Ryan Holiday quickly covers the basics of stoic principles. When I started, I simply opened the page of the day, read the entry, & wrote something. I didn't know anything about stoic principles. I read the introduction immediately after that first entry. I wasn't really sure what I was working toward & I often have to refer back to the initial stoic principles as I move forward.

Stoic Lifestyle 

My plan is to continuously read it throughout the years, allowing me to soak in the stoic principles over time. I can read back on my entries from the past to show how my stoic lifestyle has changed. Obviously, there's not a huge amount of the book huge amount of writing space on the pages so this won't last forever; it's a short term plan. I've heard of others doing this, even Ryan Holiday himself, so it's worth a shot.

The Daily Stoic Audiobook

If you prefer, buy The Daily Stoic audiobook. Audiobooks are a convenient way to absorb the stoic lifestyle; you can listen to them anywhere. The only downside is you can't write your modern stoicism thoughts down if you opt for The Daily Stoic audiobook versus a physical copy. But if you have no plans to write, the audiobook is a suitable choice!

Audiobook Ryan Holiday The Daily Stoic: Stoicism and Mindfulness, Stoic Principles, & Modern Stoicism

Stoicism and Mindfulness

Applying modern stoicism and mindfulness to my daily life has benefited my mental health. Rather than overthink everything, I read the timeless wisdom stoic philosophy quotes from The Daily Stoic. It helps to know that philosophers have been wondering the same things as you for centuries. It gives me a more simple way of thinking, just focus on the little quote of the day & the interpretation, then write your own. That's all. Then you can see how the stoic principles show up in your own life or how you can integrate them into your lifestyle.

What Happens If I Miss a Day?

First things first, don't be hard on yourself. Modern stoicism is for fun, for your enjoyment, for your benefit. Don't worry if you miss a day. I've missed my fair share of days & half the time I don't even realize it until I open The Daily Stoic book & notice a missing entry. The days fly by. You're doing your best. If you miss a day, read the timeless wisdom of the stoic philosophy quotes you missed, or save it for next year. It's a personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the book feels a bit lackluster or I question how useful the content is. Sometimes the stoic philosophy quotes are so brief, I don't quite grasp what it's supposed to cover. And of course, Ryan Holiday adds his own interpretation. In essence, it's like reading someone's notes on philosophy. If you understand that & approach The Daily Stoic without much expectation, you can certainly learn a couple things from the stoic philosophy quotes as you apply modern stoicism to your mindset.

What do you think of the stoic lifestyle? How do you integrate stoicism and mindfulness into your life? Have you read The Daily Stoic or bought the audiobook? :]