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Things to Do in Queretaro Centro, Mexico

Queretaro is an energetic city located in central Mexico filled with flavorful food, plenty of people, & hearty history. Santiago de Querétaro is more commonly known as Queretaro City, Queretaro, Queretaro de Arteaga, or Querétaro (with the accent). Regardless of what you call it, there are plenty of things to do in Queretaro!

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Some of the top searched questions include: How far is Queretaro from Mexico City? How far is Queretaro from San Miguel de Allende? What are some of the Queretaro hotels to stay in? How about Airbnbs? What are some of the top things to do in Queretaro Mexico? All your questions shall be answered. Scroll down.

About Carmen

I've been to Queretaro twice & enjoyed it even more the second time! I adventured through Queretaro Centro as well as other parts of Queretaro state; I ate some of the best (vegan) tacos of my life, bought my very own handcrafted Maria doll from a local woman, & gazed at the dazzling display of Christmas decorations throughout the city. Click here to find out more about me & my travel history. Or you can follow me on Instagram.

Things to Do in Queretaro Centro, Mexico eat churros
One of the first things to Do in Queretaro Centro, Mexico is try a fresh churro & enjoy the view!

How far is Queretaro from Mexico City?

You're already in Central Mexico, so perhaps you're wondering how far is Queretaro from Mexico City? Mexico City is about 134 miles/217 km or 160 miles/259 km away from Queretaro depending on your route. Just look at Google maps. Definitely worth a trip if you can muster it!

How far is Queretaro from San Miguel de Allende? Carmen Varner travel influencer San Diego
How far is Queretaro from San Miguel de Allende? 41 miles/66 km to 59 miles/95 km away

How far is Queretaro from San Miguel de Allende?

There are a few different routes you can choose from, so the answer may vary. How far is Queretaro from San Miguel de Allende? The trip ranges from 41 miles/66 km to 59 miles/95 km, depending on your route. San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful & historic city.

The Aqueduct / El Acueducto de Querétaro

You can't miss the red brick aqueduct as you drive into Queretaro, Mexico. The notable arches extend for 1,280 meters with a total of 74 arcs. The aqueduct's original function brought water from the valley into various fountains throughout the city. It's quite a masterpiece.

Snacks goodies from the local vendors in Queretaro Centro Mexico
Buy snacks & goodies from the local vendors in Queretaro Centro.

Walk the Streets of Queretaro Centro

There are plenty of things to do in Queretaro Centro. The thriving city feels clean despite the hubbub of locals & travelers; you might see workers sweeping up leaves or trash at any given time. Walk around the streets of Queretaro Centro to get a feel for the landscape.

Support Local Shops in Queretaro Centro Mexico
Things to do in Queretaro, Mexico: Walk around the local shops & restaurants

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas feels like the heartbeat of Queretaro Centro. It's always lively with kids playing, families walking around town, people dining, people selling dolls, t-shirts, crafts. There are water fountains, perfectly trimmed shrubs, & plenty of places to sit. Jardin Guerrero is the perfect spot to chill.

Support Local Shops in Queretaro Centro

We walked around Queretaro de Arteaga as a family. There are so many local vendors showing off their handcrafted goods. Why not take a look? I bought a blue & silver hand-beaded bracelet for my mom. My niece found some hand-sewn scrunchies she couldn't resist. A few of us bought evil-eye bracelets from a couple shops. Fred bought a t-shirt from a Queretaro Centro vendor.

Things to do in Queretaro Centro, Mexico
Things to do in Queretaro Centro, Mexico: Browse the churches & missions!

Churches & Missions

Queretaro has some exquisite churches & even some Franciscan missions. Awe at the pale yellow towers of Templo de la Congregacion de Guadalupe. Take a tour of Templo y ex-convento de la Santa Cruz de los Milagros. There's the  Iglesia de Santa Rosa de Viterbo. Go inside a church whenever possible. Sit in the back rows or stay to the side so you can respectfully view the inside without interfering with anyone praying. Some of the churches in Queretaro are quite phenomenal.

Gorditas being made at a restaurant in Queretaro Centro, Mexico.

Eat Everything 

Things to do in Queretaro? Eat, eat, eat again, eat some more. Whether you're looking for a sit-down meal, fresh churros con chocolate, or maybe a little snacky snack from one of the vendors (think candies, gum, mini portions of popular Mexican snacks), Queretaro Centro is a hub for foodies. Food bloggers & lovers rejoice!

Museums / Museos en Queretaro 

Find the Museo Regional in the former Convent of San Francisco; reviewers particularly love the colorful patio. There's the MUCAL Museo del Calendario. There are plenty of museos en Queretaro, take your pick!

Hanging out at the Queretaro Airbnb with my adorable Maria doll, made by a local woman.
Hanging out at the Queretaro Airbnb with my adorable Maria doll, made by a local woman.

Queretaro Tourism

Queretaro has a very active social media presence, which I love as a social media professional. It's one of those little things that bring me joy in life. Anyway, I digress. Take a look at the Queretaro Travel website, a visitor guide for all things in the state of Queretaro. They cover different regions, events, frequently asked questions, contact information, & other useful Queretaro Mexico tidbits.

Where Should I Stay in Queretaro? Hotel? Airbnb? Does It Matter?

Queretaro Airbnb

I stayed in a Queretaro Airbnb both times I've stayed in Queretaro since we're usually traveling with a group. In Queretaro, Mexico, it might be cheaper for a group of 5 adults & 3 kids to pitch in for an Airbnb rather than stay in 2-3 hotel rooms each night. Each Queretaro Airbnb I stayed at was great for families, had solid Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, & everything you could need. Sign up for Airbnb with my link & get $40 off your booking. That could be a free night's stay!

Queretaro Hotels

Searching for Queretaro hotels to stay in? There are plenty of options in Queretaro Centro & the surrounding area. Take a look at some of the hotels in the area. Simply type in your arrival & departure date, as well as the number of people in your party; this map will show you Queretaro hotels available during that time. Browse hotels in Queretaro - there are 200+ hotels to choose from.

Things to Do in Queretaro with Kids

We traveled around Queretaro Centro with a five-year-old, six-year-old, 8-year-old, two 20-somethings, a 30-something, & two 50-somethings. The kids had fun trying out foods from different stands. Mexico tends to be lean on the affordable side so the kids can feel like they're princes & princesses without the adults having to burn tons of cash. Buy little toys from the vendors or shop cute jewelry, trinkets, & other gifts from other shops.

Whether you're traveling by yourself, with family, friends, or on business, you'll find tasty food & interesting things to do in Queretaro, Mexico. You can do nothing & just stay inside your Queretaro hotel or Airbnb. You can spend the day hopping from museum to museum. You could do a food tour.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below & I'll do my best to help. Have you visited Queretaro, Mexico? Have any recommendations? Share your best tips or moments.


  1. Queretaro looks like such a beautiful city! I have only been to Cabo, but I would love to visit other cities in Mexico someday


  2. Queretaro sounds like a really vibrant city full of culture. I'd definitely check out the churches and the stalls selling little trickets. I think what would get me most excited is going out for food and sampling the local cuisine though. Definitely now want some churros :)!

    Sarah xo Oomph London

  3. Oh it sounds like you had a great time! I've never been to Mexico, but I so want to visit as it looks like such an amazing time xo

  4. So cool! I have to add Queretaro to my travel list. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. This is such a nice guide to Queretaro! The picture of the Maria doll reminded me that I have one as well; it was given to me by my grandparents when they went on a cruise to Mexico years ago x

    Brine & Books

  6. The doll you got is super cute! It's always great to support local craftsmen and women and give them back, when you visit a place. The city looks beautiful too, and maybe not as touristy as the capital? :)

    Julia x

  7. What a charming place indeed! Love your fun photos dear.

  8. Queretaro sound like a lovely place to visit! I've been to Mexico a couple of times and I really adore spending my vacations there. The food, the people, the colors, the weather, history... It's all there! Now I'm hungry for that churro!

    Xx, Layla Rosita |

  9. That sounds lovely - where have you visited in Mexico? It's such a vast country; I really love it & would enjoy seeing more. :] I want a churro now too!!

  10. Hi Julia! You're so right about supporting local craftsmen & women. I also bought a beaded bracelet for my mom & she loved it. I try to support smaller businesses (versus huge corporations) whenever I can. Queretaro City is busy, but as you said, it's probably not as touristy as the capital! I really loved it. :]

  11. That's so cool you have a Maria doll too!!! I bet she's adorable. How sweet - what a lovely memory to have of your grandparents. :]

  12. You're most welcome. Do you have any 2020 travel plans? :]

  13. Mexico is beautiful, lots of yummy food too. Do you have any 2020 travel plans? :]

  14. Hi Sarah. It sounds like you'd definitely enjoy Queretaro. :] Churches, food, shopping in the stalls sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. Do you have any 2020 travel plans? :]


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